CryptoMiner OS was made to make crypto mining easier. It allows you to monitor and control your rigs remotely. It was originally designed to run on a customized Linux OS that can be flashed on a USB stick but due to high demand we decided to port our core software to Windows so you can still use our service even if your rigs are using Microsoft Windows.
  • Remote configuration: Configure your rigs remotely. You can set GPU overclocking/underclocking and fan controls remotely.
  • Mine any coin: Just select which coins you would like to mine.
  • Supports AMD RX4xx and RX5xx series
  • Supports NVIDIA GTX10XX series
  1. Download OS Image.
  2. Flash image to USB
  3. Boot device
  4. Login to CMOS dashboard and set necessary settings
If you cannot see your rig on your dashboard, open your USB on a windows machine and edit config.txt and enter your email and preferred rig name.
  1. Download CMOS for windows
  2. Extract and run cmos.exe
  3. Click the "Install as a service" button if you want it to automatically run without logging in to windows
  4. Login to CMOS dashboard and set necessary settings