CMOS is a modified Ubuntu OS that you can flash on your USB flash drive which includes all the necessary software to start mining altcoins. We are also working on making a flashable Windows Installation for users that wants to use Windows as their OS. We also have a standalon windows app that you can use to manage your windows based mining rigs.
Yes. We have a standalon windows app that you can use to manage your windows based mining rigs. Just download the app and execute it on your machine to manage your rig right through our web based mining rig control panel.
We support almost all popular alt coins. You can mine any coin you want as long as the miner needed is included in our app. if you want a miner to be included just send us a message on discord or in this request page.
It is free for the first 3 rigs. You will then need to upgrade your account if you want to add more than 3 rigs. We are also considering the possibility of removing the limit but a portion of your miners time will be alloted for a dev fee or your rigs will only be allowed to mine on our pool.

NOTE: We are still on our beta testing stage and the limits above is currently not being enforced
Yes, you can overclock each GPU or you can configure a global overclocking profile for each GPU model that will then be used by all of GPUs with the same models, making it easier for you to overclock your GPUs if you have a big mining farm.
Find your rig from your control panel and click on the button labeled "View Logs". The last logs of the miner should appear in a few seconds on an overlay popup window.
CryptoMinerOS supports up to 19 cards but most motherboards have a hard I/O limit of 13 when using PCI expanders.
Yes, The website of our mining pool is
We currently accept payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero.